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jetGLOBAL Consulting

"Carrying the GLOBE together"

Carrying the GLOBE together~


PHASE 2 of jetGLOBAL Consulting:

PHASE 3 of jetGLOBAL Consulting:

HISTORY: Pan American Airlines (Flight Attendant), North American Airlines (International Purser, International Instructor, Training Manager for Flight Attendants and Ground), Mesaba (Training Manager for Flight Attendants), Comair (Operation Manager JFK), USA3000 Director of Inflight Services and Training), IndiGo (Launch Team-Director of Crew Development and Corporate Development and Learning) and Flyafrica (Launch Team-Director of Inflight Services and Training in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi and Gabon).

QUESTION FOR YOU? Wouldn't it be nice to hire me for your expertise needs and not have to carry the extra payroll long term? "Let's carry the GLOBE together?" Contact me via email for a free consultation. First time customers will receive a 10% discount. Repeat customers will receive 25% off the second or third time around the globe.